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Welcome To Magna Terra

Magna Terra is a patient-centric provider of cannabis-related health services with a commitment to risk management, compassion and community responsibility. A wide range of cannabis related products will be available to cater to various ailments and preferred methods of consumption.

At Magna Terra, we have taken the appropriate measures to ensure we operate in a safe and responsible manner which will restrict any and all forms of access to individuals who do not possess the required documentation to gain access to the cannabis.

Through a much more unbias, educated, and compassionate approach, cannabis has become widely recognized as an effective and natural form of treatment to a wide range of ailments. Compared to most traditional medicines, cannabis has been known to have a minimal or zero side effects which is great relief for many users.

Quality Guarantee

See what steps we take to ensure our medicine is safe and tested.

Proven Benefits

Globally and here in Canada, medical cannabis is recognized as an effective form of treatment for a vast variety of medical conditions. The proven benefits resonate with Canadians as they include pain relief (severe to moderate), controlling and decreasing seizures linked to Epilepsy and Dravet’s Syndrome, decreasing anxiety and studies have shown that the plant chemical “CBD” may help prevent cancer from spreading. Many patients have also greatly reduced their consumption of other prescription medications that were causing harmful side affects. Mainstream society is recognizing medical cannabis as one of the safest therapeutic remedies available to patients.

An example of a case where cannabis had a very significant medical benefit is the “Charlotte’s Web” story that assisted a young girl who was experiencing a devastating variant of Epilepsy known as Dravet’s Syndrome, which for youth, often results in painful and damaging seizures - sometimes hundreds per day. A Cannabis oil was created as Hayley’s Comet - a patented cultivar with a 1:1 THC : CBD ratio that was found, tested and continues to be researched by Dr. Paul Hornby in Vancouver with the intention of making it available to all patients. Hayley’s Comet saved the young girls life by reducing 90-95% of her seizures.

Health Services

Magna Terra Health Services is a patient-centric provider of cannabis-related health services with a commitment to risk management, compassion and community responsibility. As pioneers in this medicinal marijuana sector, we are focused on innovation, research and education to provide our members with safe, responsible and timely access to medical cannabis. Our patient’s health and safety is our concern - we offer flexibility of products to suit each individual’s consumption preference along with the method that is most efficient for each person.

Magna Terra originated in Ottawa as a small business dedicated to providing safe and convenient access to high-grade medicinal cannabis for patients at affordable/compassionate pricing. Magna Terra takes great care to ensure controls are in place such that all of our products are restricted only to those who possess a license for medical cannabis use. Furthermore, we are committed to providing consistent, tested and reliable supply of product via cooperation with Licensed Producers and we are pursuing partnerships with an in-house growth operator.

Our vision is to grow into THE recognized Ontario private brand for responsible medical cannabis retail sales with 16 operations employing 100 staff over the next 3 years.

Magna Terra is actively pursuing viable partnership opportunities with Licensed Producers in an effort to establish a safe, tested and reliable supply line, thereby modeling a complete system in medical marijuana patient health services.